Welcome to Decor Carmeli

Decor Carmeli, a studio of sacred art at the Carmelite Hermitage, is dedicated to providing you with beautiful inspirational artwork of the highest quality.

Original Artwork

Here at the Carmelite Hermitage,  our iconographers produce our own icons. These icons are used to adorn our chapel and provide a source of meditation for the hermits. We feel that it is important to share this great spiritual treasure with the Church and world, therefore we offer printed reproduction of our icons in various forms. A description of our products can be found further down the page.

For a listing of the reproductions available of our original art, please see the category: Original Artwork

The Beauty of Icons

In a world where the human form is frequently disfigured and exploited, the icon brings us back to the profound mystery of the human person made in the image and likeness of God, and a deeper reverence for that same God who willed to take on human flesh for love of us. Many hours of meticulous design preparation and painting are necessary in the creation of each icon in an effort to portray more deeply the sacredness of each subject.

As Michel Quenot writes in his book, The Icon: "Before drawing the icon...the monk engenders it within his heart in silence, by prayer and a sceticism. With purified heart and eyes, he can then draw the image of a transfigured world."

More than an art form, icons beckon us to a spiritual encounter as their characteristic two-dimensional aspect draws us into a unique and immediate intimacy with the sacred subjects portrayed. It is our hope that by contemplating these holy images you will grow ever closer to the beauty that can be found only in God and His heavenly Kingdom.

Description of Product Types

Mounted Icons

Our icons prints are laminated with a 3 mil low-luster film. Then mounted on ¾ inch birch veneer plywood that has been carefully sanded and side-painted in the traditional dark red color. (For some of the smaller sizes we use ½ inch veneer.) A keyhole is placed in the back for easy hanging, and the title of the icon also appears on the back. A description is also included for some select icons.

Holy Cards and Prints

Our Holy Cards are perfect for use as devotional book marks, gifts, and simple reminders to pray. Our prints are excellent for framing in standard size picture frames.


Our magnets are not only beautiful, but they are crafted to give you many years of enjoyment. Each stain-resistant magnet is made with a solid magnetic backing. These magnets will not fall off! Buy one or several for a holy reminder in your kitchen or anywhere you choose.

Note & Greeting Cards

Note Cards - 4" x 5¼" with a silk finish. Blank inside.

Greeting Cards - 5" x 6" with a silk finish. Some greeting cards have a verse inside.